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Bad foods for Teeth

by |September 16, 2016

Most know the common bad foods for teeth such as sugary cookies, cakes and candy, sticky foods such as caramels and foods that can crack or chip your teeth like popcorn, but did you know that some so-called healthy foods could be just as bad if not worse for your teeth and gums?

According to Floss Dental certain foods that are great for your waistline, aren’t great for your teeth and gums.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Colgate explains that those energy and sports drinks that you consume by the case on a monthly basis aren’t good for your teeth. In fact, energy drinks and some sports drinks are loaded with sugar. On top of that, all of that carbonation can cause problems for the enamel on your teeth. Make sure you check your labels. If you are unsure, drink water instead. The same goes for soda and even diet soda. Your favorite diet Coke may not have sugar, but the carbonation is just as bad for your teeth.


If you live on fruit, your teeth could be paying the price. Eating lots of acidic foods will eventually erode the enamel on your teeth. Thin enamel is more susceptible to tooth decay. Citrus juices and fruits can also annoy mouth sores. If you do enjoy fruit or juice make sure you rinse your teeth with water afterwards.

Cup of Joe

Although coffee and tea isn’t bad for you, some studies say it is actually good for you; some people just can’t resist adding sugar, and lots of it. Even those flavored creamers are loaded with sugar. Tea and coffee can also give you dry mouth. Drinking coffee and tea all the time can also stain your teeth. If you must have your cup of Joe or cup of tea switch it up with water.

Dried Fruit

The scale may be praising your efforts, but that dried sticky fruit can give your teeth real problems. Your dentist explains that sticky foods are your teeth’s worst enemy and at the top of the list when it comes to bad foods for teeth, as dried figs, prunes, apricots and mangos tend to linger on your teeth. Even if you aren’t watching your weight, but enjoy dried fruit, it’s important to opt for other types of fruits and veggies such as apples and celery. Celery is Mother Nature’s dental floss.

If you would like to learn more about bad foods for teeth or if you haven’t seen your dentist for a while, call or click and schedule an appointment with Floss Dental in La Jolla today.