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The Best Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla

by |June 10, 2016

If you are in need of Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla, look no further than Floss Dental. Floss Dental has the experience and the expertise to provide you and your smile with the most advanced cosmetic dental procedures available today.

When you schedule an appointment with Floss Dental for a consultation, your teeth and gums will be checked to make sure that your mouth is healthy enough for Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla. Dr. Mehdizadeh may also take digital pictures to check what Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla procedures would be best for your needs. Floss Dental will also talk to you about your smile and what you do and don’t like about it.

Thanks to state of the art dental techniques, including laser dentistry and improved painkillers, most Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla procedures take less time to complete and less time to heal. Because of the dental techniques used by Floss Dental, there is less loss of your healthy tooth structure and less risk.

Some of the Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla procedures that Floss Dental may recommend include tooth whitening, dental bonding, or dental implants.

Tooth whitening is a non-invasive and quick Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla procedure that whitens your teeth immediately. Whitening agents bleach your teeth externally and will give you dramatic results. However, be aware that tooth whitening will not work on intrinsic stains or teeth that have been previously restored.

Dental bonding is a Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla procedure that uses various types of materials including composite resins and porcelain. Thanks to major advances in cosmetic dentistry, the materials now replicate the appearance and structure of your natural teeth. Dental bonding can be used for cracked and chipped teeth or to fill spaces between your teeth.

Dental implants are another common Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla procedure that is used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants placed by Floss Dental replace the roots of your lost teeth. An artificial tooth that looks and acts like your own tooth is placed over the top of the implant that is made from titanium steel. Dental implants also help to maintain your jawbone structure.

If your smile is less than appealing, call or click and schedule a no obligation Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla with Floss Dental today.