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Biocompatible Tooth Colored Fillings

by |August 26, 2016

Biocompatible tooth colored fillings could be the answer if you have old fillings, and although the jury is still out when it comes to silver amalgam fillings, the American Dental Association still approves their use, some dentist’s and their patients are concerned about the mercury content.

Although you may be proud of the fact that your silver fillings are over 10 years old, they could be hiding a dirty little secret. Floss Dental in La Jolla explains that old fillings can crack or leak and once that happens, your old fillings could be covering up new tooth decay.

Cavities Under or Around the Filling

Most people have no idea that you can still get a cavity in a tooth that has already been filled. Silver amalgam fillings can last for a decade, or even more, but need to be checked by your dentist regularly as cavities could be lurking underneath or on either side of the filling. Once decay has begun, it will spread to the rest of the healthy tooth.

Natural Looking Restorations

10 years ago tooth colored fillings were not as strong as they are today. Thanks to modern 21st century cosmetic and restorative dental technology, tooth colored fillings last much longer and look just like your natural teeth. Dr. Mehdizadeh will choose a shade that matches your natural color so that the only person who will know that your filling, crown, inlay or onlay is made from ceramic or porcelain will be you and the team from Floss Dental.

Biocompatible Tooth Colored Fillings

The biocompatible products used by Floss Dental are manufactured out of a composite that will match your natural color. Unlike silver amalgam, which is about 50 percent mercury, Biocompatible tooth colored fillings aren’t the most attractive. If you smile with all of your teeth your silver fillings are bound to show.

Another advantage of Biocompatible tooth colored fillings is that they coexist with organisms and living tissue. The Biocompatible tooth colored fillings have been carefully tested for toxic materials deeming them safe for human use. Although some patients may have an allergic reaction most will react to the Biocompatible tooth colored fillings as if it is their own tissue.

If you haven’t had your old fillings checked lately, call or click and talk to the team from floss dental about Biocompatible tooth colored fillings or any other restorative or cosmetic procedure using biocompatible products.

You really can have strong and beautiful Biocompatible restorations that can last for years as long as you practice good oral hygiene.

If you would like more information regarding Biocompatible tooth colored fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns or dental implants call and schedule a no obligation consultation with Floss Dental in La Jolla today.