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Bonding with a La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist

by |April 29, 2016

Your La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist explains that there are several types of cosmetic dental procedures that are more affordable than others are, and if you have been considering cosmetic dentistry, talk to Floss Dental about dental bonding.

Dental bonding is a procedure that your La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist uses to repair a chipped tooth, fill that gap between your teeth or to lengthen your short eyeteeth. Your La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist may also use dental bonding to fill a cavity or to replace your old silver amalgam fillings.

Floss Dental is a precision dental bonding dental practice and has truly mastered the dental bonding process. If your La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Mehdizadeh, has determined that you are a good candidate for dental bonding, you can expect a beautiful new smile with amazing results.

Dr. Mehdizadeh explains that there are two types of basic dental bonding, Cosmetic bonding, or resin veneers, and restorations used for cracks, chips, repairs, and fillings.

The resin materials used by Floss Dental and your La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist are beautifully aesthetic and very natural looking. Thanks to the talented Dr. Mehdizadeh from Floss Dental, your new smile is virtually undetectable.

As most people are aware, there is much debate over silver amalgam fillings. Tooth colored or white fillings are now the method that is preferred by your La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist. Dental bonding is perfect for repairing small fractures or chips or to replace small silver amalgam fillings. Larger old or new fillings should be restored using porcelain instead of dental bonding in order to prevent cracking from biting and chewing.

Although dental bonding is a great alternative to porcelain it may not be the best solution if you do not see your La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist on a regular basis as the plastic dental bonding restorative materials absorb stains and can chip more easily than porcelain, which is resistant to both chipping and staining.

If you are looking for an affordable new smile, call and talk to your La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Mehdizadeh today. You really can have a new smile this summer, call or click now.