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ClearCorrect Aligners Improve Smiles

by |March 17, 2016

A new article published in the spring 2016 edition of The New Dentist discusses the great benefit of ClearCorrect aligners to straighten patients’ teeth. It explains how patients can straighten their teeth “without wires and brackets,” using clear aligners that are virtually invisible to everyone.

While one of the biggest benefits is you can straighten your teeth with little fuss, it’s also very affordable. That means your La Jolla Dentist can help you get a great looking smile in a fast and simple way.

Dr. Kiyan Mehdizadeh Discusses ClearCorrect Aligners

In the article, San Diego dentist Dr. Kiyan Mehdizadeh discusses his use of ClearCorrect aligners for his dental patients. He gladly explains the treatment to his dental patients, including the length of the process and its effectiveness. He adds that while many people think slightly misaligned teeth are “good enough,” straight teeth are fundamental, not cosmetic.

Specifically, having straight teeth are important to your overall oral health. When your teeth aren’t straight, you can wind up with bite problems. This can lead to jaw pain as well as difficulty eating and speaking. Additionally, an uneven bite causes teeth to wear quickly or even chip and crack. Crooked teeth may be more difficult to clean increasing the risk of gum disease or infection.

When teeth are straight, it’s easier to floss and brush them. A healthy mouth leads to better overall health, an attractive smile, and if you’re single, possibly more dates.

Dr. Kiyan Mehdizadeh Explains the Process 

According to Dr. Mehdizadeh, “The process starts with a private consultation appointment where we take several digital photographs of your teeth. Together we evaluate these photos and discuss the outcomes you desire for your smile.”

After the consultation, the dental team makes impressions of your teeth. A digitally designed plan shows your teeth going through changes from start to finish. “At your next appointment, you will start with your first set of trays and will have opportunity to review the proposed plan for your smile!”

The benefit is that the dental team along with your La Jolla dentist understand what you want and customize the treatment to achieve the best results.

Final Thoughts from Dr. Kiyan Mehdizadeh

Like any orthodontic treatment, you will need retention in order to keep your teeth in the ideal position. You wear the aligners even while you are sleeping.


If you want to enhance your smile without investing in bonding or veneers, ClearCorrect aligners could be the right solution for you.


To get your questions answered or set up an appointment, be sure to contact San Diego dentist Dr. Kiyan Mehdizadeh and his dental team today. Don’t put off having a great smile one more moment.