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Relax! You’re in the Dentist’s Chair!

by |January 30, 2018

Smile! It Raises Your Face Value!

Do you avoid a trip to the dentist out of fear of pain? Does suffering the pain of a toothache sound more pleasant to the agony of stepping foot in the dentist’s office? IV sedation dentistry may be for you.

Sedation Dentistry For Cleaning to Invasive Procedures

Millions of Americans have anxieties and fears about visit to the dentist. In some situations, dental phobia can keep them from getting needed dental work. This has led to the creation of sedation dentistry, also known as “sleep dentistry.” Sedation dentistry provides you with a method to overcome your anxieties and feel comfortable and relaxed while sitting in the dentist’s chair. Floss offers IV sedation making it possible for you to receive the treatments you need without any fears. Many times you won’t even be aware of the procedure taking place.V sedation dentistry techniques can reduce your anxiety and fear associated with instruments, needles, smells, and sounds frequently associated with a dental office. With IV sedation, our team can reduce your fears and give you the appropriate care to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

IV Sedation

In general, IV sedation is used for more complex dental procedures and for people who suffer from extreme anxiety about dentistry. Our team monitors your progress to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the procedure. It is crucial that you remember that you will be very groggy after the treatment. It takes some time for the effects of anesthesia to wear off, so you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home afterward.

IV Sedation is frequently the choice for oral surgery, such as wisdom teeth extractions or dental implant placement. You receive the sedation medication through an IV inserted into a vein. You may have heard it referred to as “twilight anesthesia,” and you will be relaxed and in a depressed level of consciousness, although you retain the ability to respond to verbal commands. Most patients do not remember the procedure that takes place under IV sedation. You will receive supplemental oxygen and your vital signs are meticulously monitored during and after the treatment.

Benefits to IV Sedation Dentistry

  1. Acts quickly to eliminate anxiety and produce relaxation
  2. Eliminates sensation to pain but other body processes remain functioning
  3. Fewer side effects than general anesthesia
  4. Lower risks of blog clots and nausea compared to other forms of anesthesia
  5. Recovery is quicker than general anesthesia
  6. You will feel less anxious and more comfortable even though you are conscious during the treatment
  7. You are in a semi-conscious state rather than in a state of complete unconsciousness.
  8. Helpful for patients with overactive gag reflex.

IV sedation is often used during oral surgery, plastic surgery, dental surgery as well as orthopedic surgery. The sedative is administered intravenously and makes the patient drowsy. It is an effective alternative to anesthesia during minor but possibly painful surgical procedures like tooth extraction, cyst removal, fracture reduction and the like. Also, for persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes and circulatory disorders, IV sedation is a safer option.

The adverse effects of the surgical procedure in such patients are reduced since they are more relaxed and are able to respond better. IV sedation is extremely effective during complicated dental procedures like implant surgery, wisdom tooth extraction, root canal, gum surgery and more.

Floss is here to make you as comfortable as possible, so you receive the highest dental care from our superior team. Dental health impacts many areas of your overall health. Don’t neglect this crucial element to maintaining the greatest well being possible. Contact us today at 858.597.9844.